AnG Smash WiFi Crew Reaches 100 Wins!!!

Although AnG esports was around since February 2019, our Smash WiFi Crew was founded a lot later in the year. And although we were such a small team at first, we played with such a big heart and still made playoffs! We were eliminated in the second phase of playoffs that year to the legacy team Zenith. But it only showed us how to grow and how to improve, and improve we did! The following season we were ranked number one on the leaderboard for quite the longest time, and went into the playoffs #2 seed. We made it all the way to semifinals before ultimately being eliminated in an epic crew battle with Tainted Renegades. Now in our THIRD season, we finally reached an impressive 100 wins that encompasses all ranked battles only. These are all hard earned victories that only include ranked battles within the SCS, no mock battles or anything outside of SCS! Off to an incredibly rough start, we have crawled right back up to a top 10 position, and hope to keep it like that! Thank you all for always showing up to our crew battles, or keeping faith in us improving back to our old form. We hope to maintain a top 16 spot and be a menace in the coming playoffs! If you're interested in joining the premium WiFi Crew League, look no further than here:

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